A Crystal Clear Future

Published March 3, 2015

A Crystal Clear Future

A marine biologist is a professional who studies and practices all different types of sea creatures and is able to specialize in larger ocean animals all the way down to tiny microscopic organisms. They have the ability to study something as small as algae and big as a whale. All marine biologists can choose what field they want to study in or if they want to learn it all. There are a lot of colleges that offer marine biology as a choice of major. Keep reading to discover some of the best colleges that offer the best programs for marine biology majors.

Harvard University has a Biology of Marine Systems program and it is currently number one in the country. Through the use of lab, field, and different model based studies, the faculty at Harvard as well as the students get the opportunity to investigate all the unique aspects of marine organisms and their relationship with the chemical and physical environment in the ocean. From the very top to the very bottom of the sea, every aspect of marine biology is studied. They study invasive and newly introduced species and get to have a thorough hands-on experience.

Cornell University has another great program for future marine biologists. They offer a variety of different classes such as Oceanography, Underwater Research, Conservation Oceanography, and Fish Ecology. About 70% of our earth is made of water so it makes perfect sense that marine biologists would be needed and always in high demand. Cornell focuses on the adaptation of these marine organisms and their reaction to their ocean environment.

The Marine Biology and Fisheries program at the University of Miami is also an excellent choice for students who enjoy studying under water. Their program focuses on a wide variety of field study such as field, laboratory, and theoretical coursework in a wide range of different research areas in coral reef studies, and biological oceanography. Their focus is on the behavior of different marine animals.

There are a number of different options available for students who want to work in marine biology. No matter what college you decide to attend you will be guaranteed a top-notch career in a field that it is in high demand. Having the skill to be able to study all different types of sea creatures from whales to tiny organisms.

All of these colleges have amazing faculty and coursework to offer their students. It will be well worth your time and education for a long fulfilling career. Whether it is Harvard, Cornell, or the University of Miami, you will get to follow your dream of working in marine biology and that is one thing no one can ever take away from you.

A Crystal Clear Future Credit Picture License: Research Diver (Lisa M) via photopin cc

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