Blending Science With Technology

Published February 13, 2015

Blending Science With Technology

Technology has made it much easier on all of us to take care of sick individuals. It has also provided medical professionals with the ability to see things that would normally not be able to seen with the naked human eye. There are many career fields in which we use technology to help diagnose illnesses and also bring people joy. Technicians are important people and their expertise is required in order for this equipment to be properly used and for people’s illnesses to be diagnosed in a timely manner. There are several different types of technicians and all of them are as equally as important as the next.

An EKG technician is a professional who is in charge of the administration and analysis of tests on people’s hearts. They use a special imaging system that has the ability to diagnose heart disorders and many other serious heart conditions such as cardiomyopathy and clogged arteries. The technician preps the patient for the procedure and makes sure that the equipment is working properly and smoothly. It takes a lot of specialized and technical training to become an efficient EKG technician and many colleges offer adequate programs to prepare students for this strenuous job.

Certification is not required to become an EKG technician. Many technicians can get by on a high school diploma and on-the-job training. However, the more education you have the higher the pay you will receive. There are however, EKG technician programs that prepare you on how to maneuver the EKG machine effectively. It is also important to have great attention to detail and compassion towards your patients.

An ultrasound technician is a medical professional who is required to perform ultrasounds on individuals in order to diagnose conditions. Many ultrasound technicians work with OB-GYNs and perform prenatal ultrasounds on expectant mothers. Most employers require students to have an Associate’s degree in ultrasound technology or better.

Ultrasound technicians also perform MRIs and X-rays for diagnostic purposes. The most common program for an ultrasound technician to attend a community college or vocational school to obtain their Associate’s degree. There are also some Bachelor’s degree programs available for students who interested in furthering their careers. A student is also required to obtain state certification before they are able to work in a medical facility. You would need to check your state requirements before pursuing a career in ultrasound technology.

Technology is a big deal these days and assists in a lot of challenges that we face in the medical field. We are now able to diagnose serious diseases and conditions way before we ever could before. The technicians who perform these tasks should be rewarded for their hard work as well as their extensive knowledge in their profession.

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