Careers With A Hands-On Approach

Published February 13, 2015

Careers With A Hands-On Approach

We all have specific subjects that are we are interested in but many of us have no idea where to start when it comes to pursuing an education. You may be the sort of person who loves animals and also appreciates those who can assist them when it comes to health matters. Maybe you think it would be too difficult to become a veterinarian or a marine biologist. Those are just a couple of career fields that involve animals. I am going to take a few moments to discuss how one can pursue one of these career fields that are currently in high-demand.


Most of us are already aware of what a veterinarian does. They take care of our pets when they are sick but that is not all. They are also trained to help different kinds of animals all over the world, not just dogs and cats. If you enjoy working with animals and want to help keep them healthy as well as help them when they are not, this is the right career choice for you. Some veterinarians focus specifically on medicine while others focus on surgical procedures. There are specific requirements that a student must have before entering the becoming a veterinarian.

A veterinarian must obtain their doctorate degree before they can practice medicine. A student must first get their Bachelor’s degree in a subject such as science or biology. Before you can receive your doctorate degree you must first pass the licensing exam and any other specific exams required by the state in which you reside. Many veterinarian’s go on to open their own practices and sometimes work on farms and in different medical facilities all over the world. There are many opportunities available for those who practice the art of veterinary medicine.

Marine Biologist

A marine biologist is responsible for the study of underwater creatures, plants and other things that live underwater. Marine biology is a very specific major that requires a lot of specialized training. More than two-thirds of our surfaces on the Earth are water so it makes perfect sense that we are I dire need of professionals to study the beauty that is under water.

If you wish to teach on a secondary education level you will need to obtain your degree in Marine biology or zoology to name a couple of choices. If you would like to teach college you will need to obtain your PhD.

Great Careers

These are both excellent career choices for those of you who love working with animals or simply love working underwater. The best thing about both of these careers is that you always get to learn something new every single day that you are on the job.

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