Distance Education Is Not So Distant

Published February 13, 2015

Distance Education Is Not So Distant

No matter what career field you are interested in it is nearly impossible not to find a college to help catapult you to your dreams. What is even better is that students now have the opportunity to take distance learning courses. This is a major perk for students who are already working part-time or simply not live close enough to commute to the school. So now students can attend the college of their dreams without having to move to a different state.

Petroleum engineers are responsible for all subjects related to hydrocarbon production that can lead to the production of natural gas or crude oil. This requires a lot of training but there are many schools to choose from, even ones that offer distance learning programs.

University of North Dakota

The University of North Dakota offers a distance learning program in petroleum engineering. It requires students to take 135 credit hours in approximately 6-7 years. The professors record their lectures so that students can receive that full classroom experience. As a student you also have the ability to work online while also assisting in your local communities. Executives from many companies such as Boeing and Intel have received their petroleum engineering program while also holding down important jobs.

The University of North Dakota vows to teach their students the importance of being able to provide reliable and safe energy production for the sake of environmental protection. Students will take courses in science, technology, economics, business, and policy and regulation. This gives students the opportunity to work on their degrees from their laptops while pursuing their current careers.

Texas A&M University

Texas A&M University offers a distance learning Master’s degree program in petroleum engineering. Students can also take distance learning courses to obtain their PhD in petroleum engineering as well. These courses can be taken 100% online that can be taken anywhere in the entire world. In order to qualify to apply for the program you must have your Bachelor’s degree in petroleum engineering.

Students will be required to take courses such as well stimulation, advance reservoir engineering, and well logging methods to name a few. Even though all of these course are available online, Texas A&M vows to prepare their students for the challenges career that lie ahead. They are also one of the top petroleum engineering schools in the country.

Why Distance Learning

Distance learning is a wonderful opportunity for students to study at their own paces from their own homes. It is amazing how many doors technology has opened up for the future petroleum engineers of the world. No matter what college you or considering, check to see if distance learning is an option for you in your career program.

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