Healing Life with Music

Published July 30, 2015

Healing Life with Music

If you want a career in music but you want to also be able to heal people through your music, then there are a lot of career options available to you. A songwriter doesn’t always have to be in the spotlight. A lot of times their music has the ability to help others through difficult struggles. Music therapy is a method of treating and healing people through different types of sound. Both of these career choices provide individuals with excellent opportunities to pursue their passion of music while also helping others.


If you want to become a songwriter for a living there are a number of ways to go about it. You can go to college and take courses on songwriting, music theory, music production, and various areas of the music business to help prepare yourself for your career ahead. Often times songwriters work on a freelance basis and do most of the work they do on their own time and as work becomes available. Not all songwriters perform on a stage, many songwriters work behind the scenes and write songs for some of the best musicians and performers in the world.

There are various online courses that songwriters can take to help boost their songwriting skills. Learning how to write lyrics as well as music may sound simple enough but actually takes a great deal of skill and creativity. If you plan on studying music performance, then schools such as Ohio State University as well as New York University would be good choices because they both have excellent music programs.

Music Therapist

A music therapist helps individuals who have some type of disability or illness. They do this by using music to help rehabilitate them from their current situation or state. They typically work in hospitals, private practices, as well as schools and therapy centers. Music therapists help people to relieve some of their stress and also their communication skills. Various studies have shown that music can help to awaken people’s minds in a way that words cannot.

Music therapy can be used for conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and many others. Individuals who provide music therapy are generally very kind, unique individual that have a skill set that not many people can acquire. They have the ability to heal through the power of music which is something to be proud of.

The Healing Power

Music has a healing power that not many people know or understand. It can be an amazing thing to see an individual overcome an illness or disability because of the therapy. There is nothing on this earth quite like it and the people who have the honor of doing it, are truly amazing individuals with much to offer the world.

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