Higher Education For Free

Published February 13, 2015

Higher Education For Free

Having a quality education especially when you are in the field of design and technology are absolutely essential to having a bright future in your career field. I am going to take a few moments to talk about some very rewarding career fields and what scholarships are available to those who are interested in the fields. I am going to discuss industrial design as well as aerospace engineering. These are both highly rewarding fields that offer great opportunities for the futures of students.

Industrial Design

Industrial design is the process in which design is applied to certain products that are to be manufactured through mass production techniques. A great example of this would be the iPhone or iPad. Some other examples would be most household kitchen products such as blenders, toasters, coffeemakers, and others. An industrial designer is the one who gets the wonderful job of designing the product and preparing it for mass production.

There are many colleges that offer industrial design as a course of study. The Rhode Island School of Design is one of the top schools in its field and offers students a variety of different focuses and opportunities. Architecture, furniture design, film and animation, and industrial design are just a few of the options that are available. Their financial aid department helps find students the right type of aid for their particular needs such as loans, grants, work study, and other options.

Scholarships are definitely one way for students to pay for college. One particular scholarship opportunity is the Hopson-Laurent Scholarship and is only for students in Oklahoma. You must already be accepted into a two or four year industrial design program to an accredited college. Another one that is available for all high school students who are studying design and architecture. This scholarship opportunity is called the Design Your Future Scholarship and the reward is typically about $1000.

Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace engineering is the process of building and designing machines that fly. It is a fairly new branch of engineering but with the improvement of technology, it is in very high-demand. In this field you get the opportunity to work with airplanes and help them remain in flight and do amazing things. There are a lot of programs that offer this as a major.

The California Institute of Technology has one of the best aerospace engineering programs in the country. They currently offer majors in Aeronautics, Aerospace, and Electrical Engineering just to name a few. There are also a few scholarship opportunities available as well. If you are seeking a PhD in aerospace engineering you could apply for an Amelia Earhart fellowship and get up to 10,000 towards your college tuition and is offered through Zonta International.

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