How Technology Is Changing Our Lives

Published August 7, 2016

technology 1Over the past few years, technology has revolutionised the way we do a lot of things. Many, many things that used to be a hassle to do in the past have now become very convenient and timely in their execution. There are many solutions available to us to achieve even the most mundane tasks, and this can be attributed to the race by companies to produce the most innovative and convenient products for consumers so as to be able to attract more and more customers to their particular brand. This will have the benefit of getting more people to buy their products for use in their homes.

One of the first areas that one will likely see the effects of technology is in the workplace. There are many different examples of the influence of technology in work today, but it might be helpful to look at it in the light of one of the most important activities that is done in the workplace: Communication. As opposed to the past where the most technologically advanced way of getting through to colleagues in order to be able to discuss and find solutions to issues was email, there are now so many options available today that are much more effective.

As opposed to the old fashioned email, colleagues can now communicate with each other in real time over a variety Instant Messaging platforms, whether using their computers or their mobile devices like smartphones or tablets. Even the traditional phone-call is now old-school, with most businesses turning to solutions that offer the ability to place and receive video-calls, making for much enhanced engagement among participants in a conference call and ensuring that everyone has their full attention on the topic at hand. In more advanced settings, holograms are becoming increasingly common, making meetings among people who could be thousands of miles away from one another much more realistic and engaging.

When it comes to the home, technology has made it possible for a lot of those things that used to be considered chores to be sorted out at the touch of a button or even just the tap of one’s smartphone screen. With the “internet of things” and the ability to integrate the functions of appliances from the kitchen to the laundry room and the bedroom into a single control panel on a mobile device, it is now possible to control activities in one’s home from right work or anywhere else. The possible uses and benefits of this are still being unravelled, but what is certain is that it can turn otherwise-ordinary accommodation into a technological masterpiece.

On the road, technology is now a constant presence, and it is even about to become so advanced that you might find yourself at a red light someday soon and look at the car across from yours, only to find that the only occupant is in the backseat, comfortably reading a newspaper. Many companies are working hard on self-driving cars, and when they begin to become common on the road, it is certain that another revolution will have been achieved in human transportation.

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