How to Stay Sharp- Making Your Brain Youthful

Published May 1, 2016

How to Stay Sharp- Making Your Brain Youthful

Aging and getting older are facts of life that one cannot avoid. It’s one human development that a person should not see as a liability, but as an opportunity to grow and face new challenges. It’s also a time to pick up some new knowledge and experience that one can use, enjoy and share with the next generations. Although growing old comes with these opportunities, it also poses certain limitations that can affect one’s quality of life. For example, as one grows old, his cognitive competence starts to fall. Individuals may forget where they place the keys, or will find it hard to remember names. These are common signs of aging, but treatable if addressed immediately. In fact the manifestations of brain aging like loss of mental acuity and failing memory can be delayed or minimized by tapping into a lifelong commitment to better brain health.

Don’t stay idle; use your mind every time

New brain research and studies suggest that exercising your mind can actually help in keeping it sharp. Just like a mechanical component that accumulate rust when not used, the brain may lose its sharpness when it’s not regularly used. Keep it sharp all the time by using and challenging it at every possible opportunity. There are many ways on how you can ‘exercise’ your brain- you can play brain-simulating games, engage in meaningful conversations or continue your continuing professional education. Learning a new skill or language is also seen as a great tool to engage your brain.

Adopt a healthy diet complete with recommended vitamins

What you eat and drink also affects your health and mental acuity. A diet composed of a generous serving of whole grains, fruits and vegetables can go a long way in nourishing the body and the brain. Instead of saturated fats and red meat, the diet should include healthy fat from fish. Go slow on calories to maintain the ideal weight for your age. Maintaining an ideal weight can cut the risks of hypertension and diabetes, which can affect memory.

Anti-oxidants are beneficial for the body since these help offers protection for the body. Anti-oxidants which you can get from fruits and vegetables can help protect your body against age-related diseases, and can help boost concentration and focus. Vitamin A is an anti-oxidant, which you can get from carrots, dark leafy green vegetables and sweet potatoes. Introducing Vitamin A in the diet can also help maintain the health of other body organs, including the eyes.

Get your daily dose of recommended sleep

Sleep is critical in providing the body rest and recharging it for the next day. According to research, it can also help consolidate your memories of the day, and prepare the brain for the next set of challenges the next day. The number of hours spent sleeping may vary depending on individual needs and requirements, but experts suggest a range of 6 to 8 hours.

Staying sharp, even as you grow older is possible, provided you take the appropriate steps to protect and nourish your body. A good start is by choosing the right kind of nutrients, engaging your brain and giving it the recommended amount of rest.

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