Is Free or Cheap Cloud Storage With The Risk?

Published December 3, 2014

Cheap Cloud StorageJust like any product that you’re shopping for, cheaper isn’t always better, and this is definitely the case when it comes down to cloud storage. There are lots of different providers out there all with their own strengths and weaknesses, but a lot of cloud users have noticed the big difference between using free cloud storage and paid cloud storage. Even some of the cheaper cloud storage providers are noticeably lesser in quality than more premium providers. With that said, they still get the job done. Not every cloud user is going to need an insanely secure, fast, diverse cloud storage provider. Sometimes the cheaper providers will have all the features you need and they’re the best for you because of the reasonable price.

When you take a look at some of the cheapest cloud storage providers, you’ll notice that actually a lot of them are pretty secure. Take a look at PC World Knowhow for instance. They are by far the cheapest cloud storage providers at just $.06 per gigabyte, yet they tout their intensive security features. However, ADrive is also a very reasonably priced provider at just $.28 per gigabyte, yet their SSL encrypted security system is known as being fairly weak. They make up for this however with a dedicated 24/7 customer service support.

Even when you analyze some of the more well known cloud storage providers, such as Google Drive, you might notice a lack of security. Google Drive doesn’t even have password protection; however, Drive lures in a lot of people because they offer a free 5GB to any user. If you really want to find a top-notch, fully secure provider that is still cheap, you need to look at MyPcBackup. At just $4.49 a month you can get MyPcBackup’s starting package which offers 75GB. But perhaps their best plan is their middle plan which offers 250GB for just $.50 more than the 75GB plan.

All-in-all there are providers out there that are cheap, yet secure. But more times than not you’ll be better off investing in a bit more qualified provider, like MyPcBackup that is a little more secure. As you can see, even though they are a premium provider, they are still very reasonably priced.

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