Is It Safe to Be This on Cloud?

Published January 8, 2015

Is It Safe to Be This on Cloud?

If you are wondering if it is safe to be on the cloud, the answer is … it depends on which company you choose to store your important data files with. Each company has their own security measures and their own level of encryption. Some of them have a series of encryption options that are available for you to choose from.

Data as an Asset

The current trend has shown that data is an important asset to a large majority of the population. This is because for the majority of the population, they either paide a lot of money to get this data, or it plays a big part into their regular income.

It makes sense for people to ensure that this data is stored in mulitiple locations, just in case something happens to the orginal. In this sense, cloud backup is similar to a safety desposit box for your data files. That sounds great doesn’t it?

Crashplan Cloud Backup Service

It is important to keep in mind that not all Crashplan Cloud Backup Reviews that can be found online are not complete. They do not mention the real positives and negatives of the program, which leads their readers to believe that the program will solve all of their problems, and in many cases, following the advice of the review will just create more.

Crashplan has a lot of useful features. Most of them are pretty much standard, but there are a few that make them stand out from other providers and are pretty eye catching.

Crashplan was developed for people who do not have experience working with IT systems. The pricing is extremely appealing as well. They use effective and reliable security options as well as very adaptable to each individual’s needs.

Crashplan can provide backup services to customers who use the operating systems Mac OS X, Linux, Windows and Solaris. They provide service to mobile users who use Android, IOS and Windows based devices as well.

The main downfall of Crashplan is that they do not allow for filesharing on any device.

Backblaze Cloud Backup Services

Backblaze was created for the average person who wants to back up their data. You do not have to be an IT professional to use their service and their user interface is extremely easy to use.

Backblaze offers services to users who are based off of a windows or mac based system. They do not offer services to Linix or Unix based users yet. According to reviews, Backblaze has placed itself toward the top of the list of options available to users.

Backblaze only allows one device per account, so you must create a different account for each device. However, they are not very expensive at only about $5 per month per device.

While it can be an advantage, the largest disadvantage is the encryption key option for this program. If one choose to add an encryption key to their data and loses the key, they also lose the data as well. There is also no customer service contact options, which is not convenient.

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