Knowing Your Options In Earth Sciences

Published February 13, 2015

Knowing Your Options In Earth Sciences

Science is such a hot field to get into right now. With all of the technology that has enhanced the world of science there are so many new possibilities that could never have been seen until now. If you are a student who is interest in different types of science now is the right time to start looking at the opportunities that are available.


A geologist is someone who studies the processes of the earth such as floods, landslides, volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes so they perform land surveys and draw up very specific and safe building plans. They look into oil, water, natural gas, as well as minerals and metals. They help to draw safe building plans by studying the historical impact of these natural disasters. Geologists also study and analyze rock formations for the greater good of the human race and that is extremely important to your future. As the future grows and changes so does the field of geology and the need for geological professionals.

One of the best schools in the country for the study of geology is Harvard University. The primary focus at Harvard is to prepare future geologists by teaching them the ways of geological processes and the history of rock formation. The curriculum consists of Earthquakes and Faulting, Global Seismology, Stratigraphy, and Earth History to name a few. The University of Arizona also has a great program in the study of geosciences. They focus primarily on education and research in nature and the history of the Earth’s crust. This college is a great choice for students who want a more laid back atmosphere and less of that Ivy League feel.


Biochemistry is the branch of science that combines both biology and chemistry by studying the chemical process in living beings. This is the best major choice for the ultimate science geek. Biochemists study the structure, chemical reactions and composition of chemistry in all things living. In requires an extensive amount of education but there are many options available to students.

The biochemistry department at the University of California in San Francisco has one of the best and highly ranked colleges in the United States in biochemistry. Their department consists of 200 students and 26 highly educated faculty members who are instructing a number of different biological problems, genetics, cell, and developmental biology. This school is a great choice for students looking for a beautiful environment work in and one of the best science departments in the country.


Science is always going to be a booming field no matter where your interest lies. So for all of you science geeks out there, now is your time to shine.

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