Nursing Scholarships: Know Your Options

Published March 3, 2015

New Born Baby

Everybody knows that the medical field is always in high demand and extremely rewarding. Nothing can be more satisfying than helping others through medical times of crises. Nurses, especially, do a lot of work to help their patients and it requires years of schooling to obtain the qualifications to do so. A neonatal nurse has one of the most important jobs that anyone could ever have. They are responsible for taking care of newborns and their mothers right after the birthing process is complete. Continue to read to find out more about this exciting career and what it takes to become a neonatal nurse.

A neonatal nurse is trained to care for newborns that are younger than a month old. These infants could very well be premature, healthy, or have some other medical condition. They are also responsible for caring for the babies’ mothers, showing them what it takes to care for a newborn. In order to become a neonatal nurse, you must first obtain your Bachelor’s degree in biology or another science-related subject. After you have received your degree you must then pass the National Council Licensure Examination for RNs which is administered by the NCSBN. The test will have a variety of different questions and require the student to be knowledgeable in many areas of nursing.

Master’s degree programs are available and are necessary in order to become a neonatal nurse. Nurses who obtain their Master’s degree may then enroll in a certificate program so that they are able to train other nurses to treat newborns. They also must be certified in the state in which they want to practice. A neonatal nurse has the potential to make $95,000 a year or more once they have met all of the education requirements.

If you are thinking of thinking about becoming a nurse then there are many opportunities for you to succeed as well as scholarships that can help you meet your goals. The Nurse Corps Scholarship Program allows students who are currently enrolled in an associate, diploma, or undergraduate program to obtain assistance with funding in exchanging for working at an eligible Critical Shortage Facility after graduation. These facilities are in dire need of qualified nurses and is a great way for nurses straight out of college to get the experience they need to move forward.

This program is ran by the United States Government that gives back to the healthcare community by providing qualified nurses into programs that need it most. Nurses who enter these facilities work for two years and have a very competitive salary. If you are seeking out a Master’s degree you have a better chance of obtaining some of the funding as 50% of the funding is reserved specifically for you.

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