Online Education: Making It Easier On Everyone

Published March 3, 2015

Online Education: Making It Easier On Everyone

Being a single mother is no easy task. Most likely, you are juggling about twenty things at once and don’t have a lot of time for yourselves in general. You may also decide you would like to go back to college and finish that nursing degree so that you can finally have that career you have always dreamed about. But who has the money or the time? Well the good news is there are scholarships available for single mothers who are looking to go back to college or start college from the very beginning. There are also some online schools that may make it easier on you.

If writing has always been your passion then journalism might be the right career for you. There are several different types of journalism. You could study broadcast journalism and be a news reporter that travels the world covering breaking stories. Or maybe you want to dig deeper into the news and get into investigative journalism. You also have the ability to combine something else you love with journalism, such as music or fashion.

Some of the top journalism schools are University of Missouri, Northwestern University, and the University of Georgia just to name a few. There are several scholarships that have been made available to journalism majors such Sydney Achievers International Scholarships and Heinrich Boll Scholarships for International students to touch on a few.

Most of them apply to international students because many journalists tend to have to travel the world. Lots of options are available for you writers out there. Stick with your passion and find the right school for you! There are some online journalism schools available such as Ashford University. They offer a Bachelor’s degree program in journalism that teaches students the many different facets of the media as far as news is concerned.

There are also scholarships for single mothers who are not pursuing a nursing degree. The Jeannette Rankin Fund Scholarship is for low income women who are age 35 and older who have a strong vision of how going to college will benefit them and their futures. This is open to students who are pursuing any type of degree including vocational school, associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree.

You may think that paying for college is a challenge when you are a single mother but there are many opportunities out there for you to choose from. Not just scholarships but other different types of grant and student loans. Nothing should stand in your way of pursuing your goals and ambitions. You should always do it for you but also do it for your children. They will be proud of you for sure.

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