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Published May 6, 2016


The current production Vox AC15C1 by Korg is one of the most popular tube amplifiers being used among P&W guitarists today. At $599 USD for a new 1×12 combo it is undoubtedly one of the best bang-for-the-buck amplifiers readily available through major music retailers. Though these Chinese made PCB amplifiers have many strengths, they also have a few common weaknesses that are widely recognized among those who own them.

Don’t clip the bright cap yet!

Most guys don’t realize that the Chinese Alnico Blue or Greenback is the reason for the shrill top end on these amplifiers. Clipping the bright cap removes the chime that made the original AC15 famous. Install a Bad Cat Celestion Speaker ($159) *minus whatever you can sell the original speaker for.

There are many speaker options that will yield a sonic improvement in these amps, and the Bad Cat Celestion is a proven example. So much so, my customers and friends have deemed it “The AC15 Saver”. This custom designed speaker is the secret weapon for balancing the tone on these amps. Developed for Bad Cat by Celestion to combine the percussive low end of a G12H30 with the creamy cone response of vintage Bulldog alnico, this 65w/ 100 db speaker gives the AC15C1 and CC solid bass, pulls the mids together, and puts a smooth layer of cream on the top end. Once this speaker is installed you may be glad you didn’t touch that bright cap. If it’s still too bright for your taste after this speaker upgrade, then you may want to give the bright cap mod a try. It’s an easily reversible mod if done correctly.

Bugera V22 Review

The Bugera V22 amp offers a lot in terms of sound and aesthetics. Cosmetically, this amp resembles some boutique amps, namely Matchless. If you weren’t familiar with the name on this amp, you might initially mistake it for a boutique amp itself. Some of the fit, finish, and materials involved suggest that it has the budget market in mind, but these are only noticeable upon close inspection. Inside, this amp has 3x 12AX7’s in the preamp section and two EL84’s in the power amp and produces around 22 watts’ output to a 12″ Bugera branded speaker.

The power tubes can be run in pentode and triode, and there’s an adjustable bias trim and an insert to hook up your meter of choice so that the average user with just a bit of experience can change and bias their own tubes. I find this feature to be very thoughtful. Also there is an output impedance adjustment switch with 4, 8, and 16 ohm options that will allow you to use most any external speaker cabinet you wish.

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