Rowing Machines to Beat the Fats

Published May 1, 2016

Rowing Machines to Beat the Fats

When one takes a look at the many images that depict rowing in many competitions and meets, it’s understanble for others to say that the sports is requires hard work, repetitious and often boring. Although the action takes place inside a narrow boat, and requires repetitive movements to paddle the boat along the lake, rowing provides a host of benefits and excitement that can appeal to a diverse set of individuals. For starters, getting involved in rowing will allow you to experience the great outdoors, the cold and windy environment in front of classy crowd. As a traditional British past-time, rowing has become an iconic leisure activity that defined many generations. But more than a classic recreational and sporting activity, rowing has developed into an all-around exercise routine for many individuals who want to lose weight, and maintain their healthy lifestyle.

Rowing as an efficient exercise alternative

In rowing, participants are given oars which they use in propelling the boat. To push the boat along the waters, the rowers must use the oars to push against the water, and the force generated is used to move the boat. Rowing is both seen as a recreational and a competitive activity, but in the last few years, rowing has been seen as a great physical activity as well to shape the body and reduce the amount of fats in the body. In fact, according to some exercise and nutrition experts, rowing can be considered as the most efficient option when it comes to exercising the body. In every stroke or movement of the oar, almost all parts of the body are utilized. The repetitive movements of the hands and the body focus on the core strength, which is thought to be better than crunches. And more than the arms, rowing also targets the core and legs, making this an effective exercise routine.

From the outdoors into your home

What makes rowing a helpful exercise alternative is the fact that it can now be done inside your home. Just like biking through stationary bikes, exercising through rowing is now made possible thanks to available rowing machines for home use. Rowing machines are now common in gyms, and you can now get one for your home. The use of these machines simulates the actual action in actual rowing compeitions- the arms and legs are used repeatedly throughout each set that ranges from 30 to 60-second sprints..

The machines can be set up inside the room, in the living room or in the exercise room, if you have one. Top brands of rowing machines are available in different design configurations, but make sure you choose a rowing machine that features a premium ergonomic design and safety. Machines that are not ergonomically designed are often unsafe for home use.

With these rowing machines, you no longer have to visit the local gym or join a rowing club. Just set up a safe and ergonically-designed rowing machine, and you’re on your way to a healthier and fat-free body.

Rowing Machines to Beat the Fats Credit Picture License: Olympic Gold Medallist Captain Heather Stanning Keeping Fit During her Deployment to Afghanistan via photopin cc

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