The consequences of the marriage between electric power and music

Published November 27, 2016

electric-power-and-musicMusic is a feature that has been with mankind for many years. Our forefathers used music from the early days when they lived in caves. Music was very much part of their life just as it is today. For them however, the music was very primitive. The music they made consisted of simple sounds that they made using their vocals and sounds made from primitive instruments that were made from locally available materials.

As time has progressed and mankind has continually had advanced knowledge. Mankind has been able to increasingly come up with more advanced music as he has been able to write better music and as he has been able to make better music instruments and equipment.

One of the greatest leaps that mankind has made in the evolution of his music was when he was able to adopt the use of electricity in the making of his musical instruments. One of the biggest impact of merging music and the electric technologies was finding solutions to the problems of sound amplification.

Before the discovery of electric power, musicians were greatly hampered by the low sounds of the musical equipment and the low sound of the human voice. It was impossible to entertain large crowds since the voices produced could not travel very far. With electric power, this was suddenly possible. Today there is no limit to the size of crowd that can attend a musical performance. All that is required are the necessary musical gadgets.

Electric power has not only helped in the aspect of sound amplification. It has also helped in the creation of new sounds. This is best highlighted in the electric guitar. Before the introduction of electric technologies, we were used to the simple sounds of the acoustic guitar. With the introduction of the electric guitar, the sound could be manipulated to produce sounds that were not known there before.

The new sounds of the electric guitar have been very instrumental in the music industry. Today there are new music genres that are as a result of the new sounds from the electric guitar. For example, guitars for hard metal are used to provide a distinct unique sound that has been used to introduce new music genres including various versions of rock music.

The new versions of music and the invention of splendid electrical music accessories has helped music get to a whole new level in terms of providing an entertainment solution to the world. Today music is a major commodity with numerous music of all kid being produced and consumed each hour. The multibillion dollar industry is boosted by the ease of access to music and the technological gadgets that facilitate its storage and its playback.

Electric power has also helped develop completely new musical instruments that were traditionally nonexistent. A good example is the electric digital piano that is an instrument that can produce a multitude of different sounds including sounds of traditional music instruments. The electric digital piano provides profound versatility such that in one instrument you have the sounds of loads of traditional musical instruments

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