The Right Size to be on Cloud

Published January 8, 2015

The Right Size to be on Cloud

Having an online business is difficult enough without having to worry about your files. Unfortunately, losing your files – no matter how it happens – can be catastrophic and can actually end your business. So what do you do to ensure that your files are safe? Simply placing all of your files on an external harddrive, while it is a good idea, is not enough. Your files need to be stored in a separate location that is safe and preferably in a separate region.

The cloud offers a great option for small business owners and the protection of their data. There are many options available, but here are two of the options available to small business owners.


Pogoplug has a lot of different features that will appeal to those new to the cloud. However, those who have IT experience will most likely not find this program appealing at all.

Pogoplug offers service to those who have Windows, Mac X OS and Linux based system. They also offer services to those who have mobile devices swith Android and OS based systems.

They offer security encryption during upload, but they do not provide any personal security encryption during storage, which is worrysome and should be a red flag if you store customer’s private data.

Filesharing is one of the best features available with this system. With just a few clicks of a mouse, you can share your files with as many people s you want.


The downfalls of this online backup system is that the security is very lax. Since there is no storage encryption, your data can easily be accessed by other people. As a small business, you most likely keep customer’s personal data in your computer records, which puts your customers at risk everyday.

Another downfall to PogoPlug is that they do not offer file versioning. This means that if a file is edited incorrectly and then uploaded into your cloud, there is no way to get the old version back. The new version covered the old version of the file and the original is gone forever.

SOS Backup

If you are looking for an amazing option for your small business, SOS Online Backup offers great services at a very cheap price. It may not be the best online backup option, but it definately is not the worst.

SOS backup offers services to those with Mac OS X and Windows based operating systems. Mobile platforms that ar supported are Andriod and iOS. They also allow reviewing and editing of files for both standard and moblie based operating systems.

The security of SOS Online Backup is a lot more reliable than the security provided with Pogoplug. The security system consists of three teired security which starts witht the encryption on the local device. The second encryption is added during the file transfer and the third encryption is a 265-bit encryption is used for storage of your files.


The major downfall of this online backup system is that the upload and download speed of files is extremely slow. They also do not offer a system restore option.

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